Special Meeting on Curriculum Proposals

Academic Senate of Hawai’i Community College

            Friday, December 4, 2009            


Present:  Marilyn Bader, Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers, Annie Brown, Sandra Claveria,   Doodie Downs, Sam Giordanengo, Joyce Hamasaki (Kohala Ctr.), Meidor Hu, Gabe James, Donnalyn Kalei, Manaiakalani Kalua, Kekuhi Kealiikanakaole, Eric Mecklenburg, Violet Murakami, Caroline Naguwa, Helen Nishimoto, Donna Moore, Ellen Okuma (chair), Noelie Rodriguez, Jill Savage (recorder), Tangaro, Francis-Dean Uchima, Claudia Wilcox-Boucher, Mai Wong, Noe Noe Wong-Wilson, Lou Zitnik 


Guest: Dawn Hawkins


1.         Quorum ascertained:  2:00 p.m.


2.         E. Okuma read amendment to Senate Charter adopted Nov. 20, 2009 concerning motion to vote by ballot requires a simple second to pass.

  • A motion was made and seconded to vote on all the curriculum proposals by ballot (m/s, Savage/Downs). Motion carried. Kohala site will send ballot by FAX to Vice Chair who will include FAX among all ballots collected to ensure anonymity.
  • In anticipation that the Senate would need a ballot to vote for all curriculum proposals, E. Okuma prepared one with all items listed on separate lines, and distributed copies.


3.         Curriculum Proposals:

  • ART 249- Interface Design II – New course. With discussion concerning the primary difference between this course and MRK 158, ART 249 emphasizes the aesthetics and art form of the websites. V. Murakami noted that the proposal distributed is not the current proposal; H. Nishimoto, Chair of the CRC, withdrew the proposal on the table. A motion was made and seconded (m/s, Kalei/ Uchima) to modify the course description as presented by V. Murakami. Motion passed.         
  • ABRP 042  Door and Quarter Panel Replacement - Modification              
  • ARBP 052  Structural Replacement - Modification                         
  • BTEC     Business Technology Program - Modification       
  • CULN    Culinary Arts - Modification                                                           
  • BUSN 250   Expert Business Computing – Deletion
  • FIRE 156 -  Incident Command System – Modification
  • DMA  Digital Media Arts Program – Modification
  • A motion was made and seconded (m/s, Zitnik/Uchima) to include ART 249 as an elective course in the DMA Program provided the ART 249 courses passes. Passed unanimously.
  • ENG 20W College Writing and Grammar – Modification
  • ENG 19 Writing Essentials – Modification
  • MKT 130 Principles of Retailing – Modification
  • MUS 102 Introduction to Sound Recording – New Course

            Discussion on MUS 102: questions were raised regarding the use of the MUS alpha and suggestions were made that a DMA alpha might be considered; it    was noted that UHH has a MUS 102    Chorale course; question raised regarding HUM designation; comments made in support of  music as an essential aspect of sound recording; historically we have been independent with our numbering. A Call for the Question was made; motion failed, did not receive     2/3rds majority with 13 in favor and 7 opposed. A Motion was made and seconded (m/s, Brashear-Kaulfers/Giordanengo) to send the proposal back to the CRC to review the alpha. The motion failed with 5 in favor; 14 opposed.  


Ballot results  

The following proposals passed unanimously:

  • ART 249- Interface Design II  
  • ABRP 042  Door and Quarter Panel Replacement            
  • ARBP 052  Structural Replacement            
  • BTEC     Business Technology Program                 
  • CULN    Culinary Arts                                              
  • BUSN 250   Expert Business Computing      
  • FIRE 156 -  Incident Command System  
  • DMA  Digital Media Arts Program  
  • ENG 20W College Writing and Grammar
  • ENG 19 Writing Essentials 
  • MKT 130 Principles of Retailing 


The following passed, 19 in Favor; 6 Opposed: MUS 102  Introduction to Sound Recording           


4.         Adjourned  3:34 p.m.


Minutes approved as amended, January 29, 2010.