Academic Senate of the Whole

Friday, January 27, 2006, 12:00

Manono Campus, Bldg 388-102


Members present:  Barbara Arthurs, Marilyn Bader, Gordon Ching, John Cole, Bill Derasin, David Ikeda, Donnalyn Kalei, Marsha Kayano, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Gwen Kimura, Clyde Kojiro, Osh Larish, Ken Muranaka, Ellen Okuma, Jennie Padilla, Dan Petersen, Joel Peralto, Noelie Rodrigues, Mike Saito, Beth Sanders, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood, Harry Takiue, Francis-Dean Uchima, Mai Wong, Robert Yamane, Lou Zitnik (Chair)


1.  Quorum established and meeting called to order at 12:05


2.  M/S to include on the agenda as item “D” under New Business a proposed resolution from the Humanities Department on the proposed agreement between UHM and UARC (Okuma/Cole).  Motion passed unanimously.


3.  Minutes from December 2, 2005 approved as corrected (spell out CERC, College Effectiveness Review Committee)..


4.  Chair’s Report:  Please see separate report file on this website.


5.  Vice Chair’s Report: 

            A.  Vice Chair Jill Savage reviewed Senate Charter process for election of officers  and standing committee

             chairs. Chair Zitnik said that meeting the timeline may be difficult because of the large number of offices

             and chairs open this year. Senators are encouraged to consider serving and encouraging others to do so.

 6.  Standing Committee Reports

            A.  Education Policy:  Chair Robert Yamane

                        1.  Committee soon will circulate draft of new curriculum review forms and procedures;

                             draft is also on website. “Transfer criteria” not completed yet.  After feedback from

                             Senators and departments, a complete draft will be presented to the senate in March.

            B.  Faculty Policy:  Chair Barbara Arthurs.  Please see attached.

                        1.  Draft review of tenure process expected in April.  Feedback has been very helpful, and Chair Arthurs

                            encourages all units to review and comment.  See your department representative for copies

                            of the most  recent draft.

            C.  Curriculum Review:  Chair Donnalyn Kalei

                        1.  Deadline for new spring proposals is Monday, February 6.

                        2.  Will reintroduce nineteen proposals deferred from December 2, 2005.

 7.  Unfinished Business

            A.  Curriculum proposals deferred from December 2, 2005.

                         1.  # 35 (ACC Program) and #36 (BUSN Program):  Deferred until  consideration of individual courses

                              because changes generated considerable discussion on prerequisites..

                        2.  # 37 (ENT 120) approved unanimously.

                        3.  #s 38 (BUSN 121), 39 (BUSN 123), 42 BUSN 166, 43(BUSN 170), 46 (BUSN 189)

                                    and 47 (BUSN 193V) approved: 25 for, two opposed, one abstain.

                        4.  # 40 (BUSN 147) approved unanimously.

                        5.  # 41 (BUSN 160) approved:  22 for, 2 opposed, one abstain..

                        6.  # 45 (BUSN 182) approved:  24 for, 2 opposed, one abstain.

                        7.  # 48 (BUSN 250) approved unanimously.

                        8.  #s 35 and 36 (ACC and BUSN program changes) approved:  25 for and one opposed.

                        9.  # 50 (MKT 121) approved unanimously.

                      10.  #s 51 (MKT 193A) and 52 (MKT 193B) approved by separate votes of 23 for and one opposed

                                with no abstentions.

                        11.  # 49 (MKT Program change) approved:  23 for and one opposed with  no abstentions.

                        12.  #s 53 (FSER 50) and 54 (FSER Program change) approved unanimously in separate votes.

            B.  Senate review of program reviews:  No report, as process is ongoing.  The  Executive Committee

                 will complete its reviews and  report to the Senate at the February meeting.

 8.  New Business

            A.  VCAA Dykstra’s request for comment on review process for distance  education.

                        1.  Confusion arose in report from the Executive Committee because the draft minutes misstated

                             the Committee’s intention. 

                        2.The Exec Committee recommends formation of a committee to determine all needs for, and propose

                           how best to monitor, distance education.

                        3.  Discussion on location of such a committee resulted in a straw poll of 13 for an ad hoc committee

                             and 5 opposed.

            B.  Possible formation of a Senate budget committee:  Deferred due to lack of time for discussion.

.           C.  Chair Zitnik will convey to Chancellor Freitas Senate’s acknowledgement of  the institutional agreement

                 between HawCC and Te Whare Wainanga O  Awanuialangi (in New Zealand).

            D.  Proposed resolution (below, from Humanities Department) opposing research  agreement between UHM and

                 University Affiliated Research Center (UARC), after correction of a typo, passed by a vote of  21 for and 1

                 opposed with 1 abstention:

 “TO:  University of Hawai`i Board of Regents, President David McClain, All College Council of Faculty Senate Chairs, UHM Chancellor Denise Konan:

The Hawai`i Community College Faculty Senate of the Whole strongly supports the UHM Faculty Senate in its opposition to the proposed UARC agreement.  The Hawai`i Community College Faculty Senate of the Whole opposes any potential impact by UARC on the UH Community Colleges and the rest of the University of Hawai`i system, and opposes UARC because of the Senate’s aloha for the lands, people, and sacred and historical sites of Hawai`i Island.”

8.  For the Good of the Order:  No items.

9.  Adjourned by unanimous consent at 2:05.