Minutes, Academic Senate of the Whole

Friday, December 2, 2005

Manono Campus, Bldg 388-102


Members Present:  Barbara Arthurs,  John Cole, Donnalyn Kalei, Pua Kanahele, Kent Killam, Guy Kimura, Clyde Kojiro,

Osh Larish, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Ellen Okuma, Joni Onishi, Daniel Petersen, Beth Sanders, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood,

Robert Yamane, Lou Zitnik (Chair)


1.  Quorum ascertained and meeting called to order at 12:08


2.  Minutes from October 28 were approved as submitted.  M/S G. Kimura/B. Arthurs


3.  Chair’s Report:  Please see attachment.


4  Standing Committee Reports

            A.  Education Policy:  Chair Robert Yamane expects a draft review of the curriculum review process early in 2006.

            B.  Faculty Policy:  Chair Barbara Arthurs:  Requests input from faculty for review of the tenure process,

                 and expects the committee's draft review to go to the Senate by March, 2006.

            C.  Curriculum Review:  Chair Donnalyn Kalei (Please see Attached.)

                        1.  Proposals 22-34 ready for Senate consideration under new business.

                        2.  Proposals 35-54 deferred to January.  As per Sherrie Ann Straslicka, they can still be included in

                             the catalogue.


5.  Unfinished Business

            A.  Senate responsibilities for assessment: 

                        1.  Ellen Okuma volunteered to be the second Senate representative to the CERC,

                             and to do research on the process. 

                        2.  M/S to appoint Ellen Okuma as second Senate representative to the CERC (Larish/Arthurs).

                             Motion passed unanimously.


6.  New Business

            A.  Curriculum proposals:

                        1.  Proposal 22, HWST 107, passed unanimously.

                        2.  Proposals 23-25, Bus alphas,  passed unanimously.

                        3.  Proposals 25-26, Bus 150 and 151, passed unanimously.

                        4.  Proposals 28-34, Math deletions, passed unanimously.

            B.  Resolution to influence state government to spend budget surplus on education:

                        1.  Motion to approve proposed resolution passed unanimously.  M/S  (Savage/Sherwood).

            C.  Leadership program:  In response to a request from VCAA, the Senate, by unanimous consent, provided three

                 volunteers to participate in the community college leadership program in summer 2006 and next year.  The

                 volunteers are Elizabeth Ojala, Beth Sanders, and  Christina Hoffman.

             D.  A proposal to place an “UHPA Report” on the permanent Senate agenda was defeated by a vote of 5 in favor

                  and 9 opposed.  No formal motion was made.  Senators felt that UHPA matters can be included in the agenda

                  when necessary.

7.  For the Good of the Order:  The Senate congratulates Pualani Kanaka`ole Kanahele for her  honorary PhD,

     granted by the University of Hawai`i in recognition of her manifold achievements.


9.  Meeting adjourned at 2:00.


(Secretary also took 2/3 of a page of notes on “discussion of assessment/program review,” in the form of a list

of topics and questions.  The notes are on a separate page, and discussion took place after the meeting adjourned;

notes are available from the secretary.)