February 25, 2005

Manono Campus, Building 388, Room 103


Lou Zitnik (chair), Charleen Marlow (vice-chair), Barbara Arthurs, Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, John Cole, Kenoalani Dela Cruz, Bill Derasin, Bob Duley, Pam Hudson, Donnalyn Kalei, Kekuhi Kanahele-Frias, Pualani Kanahele, Kent Killam, Michael Larish, Bernhard Laurich,  John Marlow, Donna Moore, Ken Muranaka, Violet Murakami, Jennie Padilla, Daniel Petersen, Petri Pieron, Beth Sanders, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood, Fred Stone, Julie Moore, Francis-Dean Uchima, Larry Wakida, and Robert Yamane.


1. A quorum was established and Chair Zitnik called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m.


2.  Approval of the January 28, 2005, Faculty Senate meeting was postponed until the April 1, 2005, Faculty Senate meeting


3. Chair’s Report


·        The Chair stated that his report will be distributed via e-mail to members to allow time for Dean Dykstra to address the Faculty Senate.  Topics to be covered include: Banner Committee meeting, Tuition increases, the JABSOM project, re-organization at Manoa, UHH Community Colleges System organization and accreditation, outlook for new campus, and Scholarship Auction and Roast.


·        A Union Report concerning the Board of Directors and Faculty Representative Forum meetings on Feb. 26, 2005, in Honolulu will also be generated and distributed.


4. Dean Dykstra addresses the Faculty Senate concerning the budget and class caps.


Overview of Budgeting Issues


Major enrollment increase at HawCC with no increase in base allotment


·        A handout entitled Budget GF & TFSF was distributed and referred to frequently during the presentation and during questions and answers that followed.  General fund contribution from the UH system to HawCC is $7,308,000. 


·        Enrollment at HawCC increased by 7.9% between Fall semester 04 and Spring semester 05.  This is the highest increase in the UH system, and HawCC was the only college to increase in both semesters.  Dean Dykstra attributed this in part to the work of Doodie Downs and in part from HawCC benefiting from UHH marketing campaigns. 


·        Estimated tuition and fee contribution for the current year is $2,204,961; combined with prior year of $33, 461; thus equals a source contribution of $2, 238, 422 from tuition and fees.


·        Increased enrollment has contributed to budget challenges.  System based allotments to HawCC are determined through a program based budgeting system.  This means that “you get what you get with slight changes allowed based on petition requests.”  Despite enrollment increases, the base allotment for HawCC has not increased since 1991. 


Union Contract Cost Increase including Salary and Release Time Increases


·        There has been some increases in UH system allotment to HawCC to help cover new UHPA contract faculty salary increases, but only 90% of the cost of these increases.   The remaining 10% of these salary increases are paid for from HawCC’s base allotment. 


·        Additionally, all salary increases for HawCC lectures are paid for from our base allotment, and the cost for lectures has increased by 20%.  The UHPA contract stipulates that C5 level lectures get first choice for up to 9 credits before lower ranking lectures can be used.  Level A lectures are paid $1,100 per credit; lectures with five years experience or more are paid $1,600 per credit. 


·        Cost increase for the 5/4 class load reduction increased cost to HawCC of $100,000 per year.  This class load reduction combined with other release time agreements at HawCC is an expenditure of $208,000.  New positions (mostly lectures to meet enrollment increase needs) are an additional expense of $204,000.  No extra money came to our college from the UH system for any of these required expenditures.  The difference between tuition and fee resources and new hire expenditures is $82,000—the cost of success.


UH System Response to Budget Shortfall


·        President David McClain is advocating for a system change to a formula based budgeting system.  This system correlates increases in enrollment (more students) with increases in base allotment (more money).


·        President McClain is also advocating for tuition increases for UH Community Colleges of $12.00 per credit per year for five years starting in Fall 2006.  The burden to students will be off set somewhat by a 20 million dollar state scholarship fund and a 20 million dollar UH system scholarship fund.


HawCC Administration Response to Budget Shortfall: Belt Tightening


·        Reduce supply expenses. for HawCC.  This is why P cards were recently pulled and projected savings from this response is $150,000.


·        A hiring freeze of lecturers will save an additional $10,000. 


·        Special compensation award for APT positions were held back to save an additional $40,000.


·        Student workers hours were reduced from an average of 20 hrs per week to 18 hours.  This will save $10,000. 


·        There is $150,000 in RT/RF grant overhead funds which might me used to lessen the shortfall.


·        OCET may contribute $37,000 if they have excess.


·        System restitutions that have been released total $15,000


·        Fred Stone pointed out from the Senate floor that there is $40,000 for instructors and an additional $50,000 in RT/RF from a federal grant that he is overseeing.


HawCC Administration Response to Budget Short Fall:  Raise Class Caps


·        Currently at HawCC, the highest cap in any class is 25 students per class.  This is 28% lower than the system norm of 35.  If caps were raised to 30 students per class, we would be still be 14% below the norm. These increases would bring in an estimated $130,000 in additional funds per semester. 


·        Social science, science, and humanity faculty would take on most of the additional load and their SSH support would increase enough to pay for student help.


·        Increases in class size would also help pay for additional classes that cost about $4,000-$4,200 each.  These additional (estimated to be 29 classes) “pocket classes” could be added to the schedule as needed three or four weeks before the first day of classes.


·        Currently, we spend less on academic and technical support than any college in the UH system.  Part of this is because class caps are too low.  The system sees HawCC as choosing to keep class size small as a higher priority than supporting these other needs.




5.  Vice-Chair’s Report


·        The Vice-Chair announced Executive Committee nominations for Senate Chair (Lou Zitnik), Curriculum Review Committee Chair (Donnalyn Kalei), Education Policy Chair (Robert Yamane) and Faculty Policy Chair (Barbara Arthurs).



6. Standing Committee Reports


a.       Curriculum Review Committee Report (Chair Kalei)

·        The deadline for proposals is February 23, 2005, and thus far less than 15 proposals have been submitted

·        The committee will take proposals past the deadline, but review will not be guaranteed and will be based on “if there is time.”  If there is not enough time, the proposal will be held until next fall.

·        The Chair recommends that Form 2 revisions be placed on the Executive Committee agenda for March 11, 2005, and brought forth to the Faculty Senate for approval on April 1, 2005.  Most of these changes are small with the exception of SLOs being added to the review process.  All other community colleges in the system have SLOs on their curriculum review forms.


b.  Education Policy Committee Report (Chair Yamane)


·      Chair Yamane reported that the Education Policy Committee has continued to meet regularly and that they should have a draft ready for the Senate this semester.


      c.  Faculty Policy Committee (Chair Arthurs)


·        The Faculty Policy Committee has distributed via e-mail to all faculty a draft of a response to their charge.  They will place this item on the Executive Committee Agenda on March 11, 2005 and hopefully, it will also be placed on the Faculty Senate meeting agenda on April 1, 2005, and come up for vote at the April 29, 2005, Faculty Senate meeting.


7. New Business


a.       Standing Committee Chair Election

·        A request for further nominations was made by Vice-Chair Marlow.  None came forth.

·        A motion to approve all Executive Committee Standing Chair nominations by a slate vote was approved unanimously.


8.  Due to time restraints the meeting was adjourned at 2:05 and all remaining agenda items will be forwarded to the next meeting.