April 8, 2005

Upper Campus, EKH 123


Lou Zitnik (chair), Charleen Marlow (vice-chair), Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, Gail Cho, John Cole, Bill Derasin, Bob Duley, Mary Goya, Donnalyn Kalei, Pualani Kanahele, Clyde Kojiro, Kent Killam, Michael Larish, Ken Muranaka, Harvey Motomura, Violet Murakami, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Helen Nisimoto, Daniel Petersen, Noelie Rodriguez, Larry Wakida, and Mai Wong.


1. A quorum was established and Chair Zitnik called the meeting to order at 2:12 p.m.


2.  The Chair of the Curriculum Review Committee (Donnalyn Kalei) stated that it had been requested by the submitter that English 160 not be on the agenda today.  This item was removed from the agenda.


3.  Curriculum Review (Academic Senate Approval)


4. Unfinished Business: Position on Class Caps

·        A motion stating: 

While the Hawai`i Community College Academic Senate is open to continuing the dialogue with administrators and wishes to work collaboratively with all stake holders toward improving our college, we do not believe that an increase in class caps will significantly ease the college’s long-term budget situation.  Moreover, an increase in class caps will undermine the quality of our educational programs and compromise student success.  Therefore, the Hawai`i Community College Academic Senate strongly supports maintaining class caps at their present levels.

            passed unanimously (Larish, C. Marlow).



5. New Business:  Position on Tuition Increase

·        A motion to take a stand against tuition increases was made.

·        Discussions followed.  Some senators focused on the burden to students and the need for an open system.  Others pointed out that the autonomy of the UH system required that the UH system generates money.  Some pointed out that tuition waivers and scholarships will be made available.  Others countered with their belief that this safety net would not reach those most in need.

·        A motion to call the motion to question was made but no second followed.

·        Discussions continued. 

·        The motion passed (Rodriguez, Kalei) Yes 9, No 7, Abstain 1.


5.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm