April 1, 2005

Manono Campus, Building 388, Room 103


Lou Zitnik (chair), Charleen Marlow (vice-chair), Barbara Arthurs, Marilyn Bader, Annie Brown, Bill Derasin, Bob Duley, Mary Goya, Donnalyn Kalei, Clyde Kojiro, Kent Killam, Michael Larish, John Marlow, Ken Muranaka, Violet Murakami, Jennie Padilla, Daniel Petersen, Petri Pieron, Noelie Rodriguez, Beth Sanders, Mike Saito, Jill Savage, Jane Sherwood,  S. Akama Thomson, Larry Wakida, Mai Wong, and Robert Yamane.


1. A quorum was established and Chair Zitnik called the meeting to order at 12:12 p.m.


2.  A motion to add tuition increases as an item on the agenda under new business passed unanimously (Padilla, J. Marlow).


3.  Approval of the January 28, 2005, and February 25, 2005, Academic Senate meeting minutes with minor corrections passed unanimously.


4. Chairís Report


        The Chairís three-page written report was distributed via e-mail before the meeting and hard copies were available at the meeting. 


        Topics presented orally and in the written report included:  System reorganization, public meeting on March 10, 2005, on tuition and technology fee increases, ACCFSC Resolution on Banner Enforcement of Pre-Requisites (two page handout), ACCFSC Charter Revision, HawCC Bachelor Degree possibility,  Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fundraiser, and system organizational models.


5.  Vice-Chairís Report

        A one page e-mail from VCAA Dykstra outlining his justification for granting 6 units of release time for the Academic Senate Chair was distributed and presented.


        The vice-chair announced that current Executive Committee members are expected to announce who the unit representative will be for the next term at the April 29, 2005, Academic Senate meeting.


6. Standing Committee Reports


a.       Curriculum Review Committee Report (Chair Kalei)


        A special Academic Senate meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2005, to vote on curriculum proposals.

b.  Education Policy Committee Report (Chair Yamane)


      Chair Yamane reported that the Education Policy Committee will distribute a policy recommendation draft to the Academic Senate for feedback shortly, and they plan to submit it for Academic Senate approval at the April 29, 2005, meeting.


      c.  Faculty Policy Committee (Chair Arthurs)


        The Faculty Policy Committee is working on its second charge concerning contract proposals.  Hopefully, it will be distributed to faculty shortly and then the committee will submit the contract proposal for Academic Senate approval at the April 29, 2005, meeting.


7. Unfinished Business


a.       UH Community Collegesí System Structure

        Chair Zitnik expressed the view that this will be decided at the BOR meeting but appears that the previous structure may return.

        He also will present our views concerning system structure to the Union.


b.      Response to Dean Dykstraís address to Academic Senate

      The chair open the Senate floor for discussions and views expressed included:


        Minimum enrollment is not being addressed

        The major burden falls on Social Science and Humanities faculty

        The system is proposing that reading levels be lowered

         No system rule is in place to determine caps

        The issue here is that the State Legislature is not funding the union contract

        20% of tuition increases will go to system

        The union believes that holding class caps to those at time of contract renewal would hold up in a legal case

        Motions were made and then withdrawn.

        It was agreed through consensus that this item would be postponed until the April 8, 2005, Academic Senate meeting to facilitate appropriate wording of the Senateís response.  Several senators volunteered to help with wording.


8.  New Business

a.  Hawai`i Community College Faculty and Instructional Staff Professional Standards and Ethics Proposal from Faculty Policy Committee


        A motion to accept this proposed code of ethics as the guide for the professional conduct of Hawai`i Community College faculty and instructional staff passed unanimously. 

        This proposal will be sent to HawCC VCAA Dykstra.


b.  Discussions concerning the B.A. degree in Community Development at HawCC

        Chair Zitnik announced that HawCC is considering a B.A. degree option with Community Development as one possible focus area

        Other focus areas suggested included:  Environmental Science, Indigenous Studies, and Community Health


c.  Tuition Increases (added agenda item)

        Senator Padilla presented the need to communicate to the BOR that HawCC does not want tuition increases because it places an unfair burden on students.

        A motion to present a resolution to the BOR calling for no tuition increases was made and seconded (Padilla, Rodriguez).

        Discussions occurred including the need for increased support for students and the need for justification of the resolution in writing before it be sent.

        There was a request from the floor to have the motion withdrew and placed on the agenda for the April 8, 2005, meeting.  This would give time to work out the wording of the justification.

        Senator Padilla requested that the vote take place.

        The resolution was defeated (yes 7, No 10).

A motion to place this item on the April 8, 2005 agenda passed.  Yes 19, No 2

 (Duley, Padilla).


9.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 pm.