Academic Senate:     Year End Report   2007-2008

Submitted: May 21, 2008 

Jill Savage, Chair


The following list of priorities guided the Senate’s focus during the 2007-2008 academic year. 

Below each priority is a brief description of the action(s) taken by the Academic Senate.



Action:  As a consequence of the committee’s recommendation (from previous year) to implement an online evaluation form for DE courses, the College is participating in a trial with an online survey tool- Ecafe.  This tool was used almost fully in the Fall ’07 semester and again in the Spring of ’08.  Discussion of effectiveness is ongoing. 

The DE program planning document will be a future goal and well needed by the College.  This is a concern that extends beyond the purview of the Senate. Upon the recommendation of the DE Coordinator and Chair of the DE Ad Hoc Committee, the Senate disbanded the DE Ad Hoc Committee in the Spring of 2008.




Action:  At the November 30 Senate Meeting, the chair of the Ad Hoc Budget Committee, NoeNoe Wong-Wilson,  presented the results of a Senate survey administered to ascertain the Senate’s members interest in budget matters.  Eleven responses to survey were  received.   Recommendations made by the Committee and approved by the Senate:




Action:  The Faculty Policy Committee has made significant progress on updating the faculty handbook and hopes to complete the task by the next academic year.      





Action:  The Chair shared the Senate’s concerns with the Chancellor who indicated his awareness of the issue and further indicated that a resolution would be forthcoming along with the construction of the Nursing facilities on the lower campus.



Action:  The Faculty/Staff Development coordinator will present a workshop addressing the role of a TPRC convener in the Fall of ’08.






Action: The Educational Policy Committee presented the Senate with a recommendation to approve an Academic Renewal Policy – Feb ’08.  The policy was approved by the Senate.  Subsequently the DOSS proposed the Senate consider amendments to the policy which includes the requirement of no less than one year before students that have been placed on academic dismissal are permitted to apply for Academic Renewal.   The Senate referred the proposed amendments back to the EPC for consideration.  The EPC has, in addition, been asked to consider the “No Show” Policy, especially as would apply to DE students.




Action:    The CRC presented the Senate with 117 curricular action items, the majority of which were recommended for approval and forwarded on for final Administrative review and approval.




Action:  The Academic Senate met regularly in the Fall and Spring at which meetings both system wide and local issues were reported and discussed as needed.   Topics included:


ü      UH System and UHCC Strategic Planning 2008-2015:  Strategic Outcomes

ü      A resolution to the VCAA requesting norms be excluded from the ECafe results.

ü      Amendments to UHCC Policy 1.102

ü      Effectiveness of and concerns regarding the online course evaluation software Ecafe,

with the creation of an ad hoc committee to address these matters.





Executive Committee

Executive Committee met on:   August 16,   September 7,   October 12,   November 15,   

 January 10, February 8, April 14, (new Exec Comm.)May 9.


The Executive Committee carried out the duties as assigned in the Academic Senate Charter which included setting the Senate calendar, formulating agenda for each Senate meeting,   prioritizing annual goals and activities of the Senate and its standing committees, receiving recommendations for Senate action, and delegating appropriate matters to and examining recommendations from Senate committees.


Academic Senate

Academic Senate met on:  August 31 (cancelled due to Hurricane Flossie and school closure the previous week), September 21, October 26, November 30, January 25, February 29, April 25.  


At each meeting the members present received an update/report of system and local issues as well as reports from the various standing and ad hoc committees.  New business was discussed with action taken as deemed necessary.


The Senate Chair attended the following system meetings:

    ACCFSC met on August 24, September 28, October 25, November 16, January 11,

                    February 14, March 14, and April 18.   (Also a meeting is planned for May 30.)

   CCCFSC met on August 31 (all day meeting), September 28, October 25, November 16,

                    January 11, February 24, March 14, April 18 (and  May 30).

In addition to the above meetings, the Senate chair regularly attended meetings of the   

College Council, Assessment Committee1, CERC2, UHCC Strategic Planning Council,  

Achieving the Dream3- HawCC Core Team, and HawCC Strategic Planning Team.

1As a member of the Assessment Committee, the Senate Chair assisted with the revision of the of 

  the CERC process as well as with the comprehensive review template.

2As a member of the CERC, the Senate Chair evaluated thirteen comprehensive program and 

  unit reviews and participating in the subsequent discussions/meetings to determine College

  budget priorities.     

3As a member of the Achieving the Dream Core Team, the Senate chair was asked to convene

 a special topic group and choose to initiate a committee to examine the courses designated as 

 gatekeepers.  A committee was formed and several meetings convened with a gatekeeper

 survey conducted and compiled.  Further discussion will continue in the Fall of 2008.




In addition, the Senate Chair met periodically as needed with the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors for both Academic and Administrative Affairs, and Dean of Student Services. 

The Senate Chair ensured timely communication between the Academic Senate and appropriate administrators and others as deemed necessary, provided the Senate members with information concerning system matters in a timely manner, ensured that issues or concerns raised by members of the Senate were brought before the Senate as a whole in a timely manner, updated the Senate alias e-mail list, and maintained the archives and an updated Senate website.