Hawai`i Commuity College Academic Senate

Support for East Hawai‘i Komohana Campus and

West Hawai‘i Campus Center Projects

(Approved September 22, 2006)


Whereas Hawai‘i Community College (HawCC) began as the Hawai‘i Vocational School in 1946

(HawCC Institutional Self-study in Support of Reaffirmation of Accreditation, July, 2006, p.1)


Whereas most of HawCC’s current Hilo facilities were built between the 1940’s and 1960’s when the population

            of Hawai‘i County was just over 60,000 and;

Whereas Hawai‘i County’s population of 167,293 (July 2005; Dept. of R&D, County of Hawaii:

Stats, Jan. 2006) is the fastest growing and second largest in the State (projected to

2020=217,000+; Infrastructure and Public Facilities Needs Assessment: Policy Analysis

Memorandum, January, 2006, p. 3) and;

Whereas the current Manono campus in Hilo, the facilities shared with the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo (UHH), and the

            leased facilities in West Hawai‘i do not have an adequate infrastructure to support current technology needed to

            ensure optimal student learning and projected enrollment growth and;

Whereas HawCC’s current facilities are unable to support expansion because of access and safety

issues such as traffic congestion, etc. and;

Whereas implementation of HawCC’s Long Range Development Plan to ensure autonomy from UHH has been

            continuously recommended by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (HawCC Midterm

            Evaluation Report [2001], p. 24, recommendation 7) and; 

Whereas the University of Hawai‘i Board of Regents (UH BOR) has approved the Long Range Development Plan (1998)

            for the West Hawaii Campus Center and;

Whereas the UH BOR on October 20, 2005, enthusiastically approved the developer in order to begin the process of

            exclusive negotiations for the Hilo site (BOR Minutes, p.24-28) and;       

Whereas during the 2005 Session, the State Legislature appropriated $18.21 million for the Biennium to begin the first

            phases of development for HawCC’s new campuses and;

Whereas for each day the appropriated money is not released, the dollar loses its value due to inflation and;

Whereas in April, 2006, President David McClain of the University of Hawai‘i System and Chancellor Rockne Freitas of

            Hawai‘i Community College signed a Real Estate Development Service Agreement with Hawaii Campus

            Developers, LLC for a new campus to be constructed on 122 acres of State land on the East side of Hawai‘i

            Island (Komohana site) and for the UH Center at West Hawai‘i to be constructed on 500 acres mauka of Queen

            Ka‘ahumanu Highway and;

Whereas the Academic Senate whose primary purpose is to ensure academic integrity of the college is a senate of the

            whole comprised of 93 BOR appointed faculty members representing all academic units  and;

Whereas the Academic Senate is extremely concerned that, because Governor Lingle has not released the money

            earmarked for the East Hawai‘i Komohana Campus and West Hawaii Campus Center projects in a timely manner,

            the projects may be stalled indefinitely; now therefore be it

Resolved that the Academic Senate requests Chancellor Freitas to present this resolution to the Governor, the Honorable Linda Lingle, in support of an immediate release of the funds that have been specifically appropriated for the East Hawai‘i Komohana Campus and West Hawai‘i Campus Center Projects.