Academic Senate Resolution

Regarding HawCCs Proposed New Web Hosting Service


December 8, 2006


Whereas, during the 2005/06 academic year, subcommittees that wrote the self-study (August 2006) in preparation for the ACCJC visitation in fall 2006, pointed out problems of keeping the website current; and


Whereas, HawCC does not have a permanent webmaster, which was also reported in the accreditation self-study; and


Whereas, discussions began with selected individuals about the need for addressing shortcomings of the HawCC web site; and


Whereas, a decision was made to transfer the HawCC website, which is hosted and supported by the University of Hawaii, to a commercial vendor, Empowered Internet Solutions, LLC; and


Whereas, such a transfer means that we will no longer receive support from the University of Hawaii system for the HawCC website; and


Whereas, having the HawCC website hosted by a technical commercial vendor, may create high risks such as possibility of bankruptcy, costly tech support, out-of-state data storage, and other uncertainties due to the vendor and the product being in the development stages (opens for business September 2005); and


Whereas, each units web page will need to be individually developed by faculty or staff in that unit as extra work; and


Whereas, the decision making and planning process would have benefited from gathering input from HawCCs faculty and staff, including those with expertise in the field; and


Whereas, a deadline of December 22, 2006 for the transition from the current website to the new, commercial vendor has been set; now therefore be it


Resolved, that, in order to fulfill specific website planning agenda in the August 2006 Self-study, the Academic Senate supports the hiring of a permanent webmaster; and be it further


Resolved, that the Academic Senate supports keeping the HawCC website with the University of Hawaii.