Academic Senate

Ad Hoc Budget Committee Resolution 11.30.07


Committee presented proposed recommendations which were discussed and formed into a resolution.


Whereas,  the Ad Hoc Budget Review Committee of the Academic Senate was tasked in Fall, 2006 to determine the need for the Senate’s role in the campus budget process; and


Whereas, the Ad Hoc Budget Committee conducted a survey of Senators in October, 2007; and


Whereas, the Ad Hoc Budget Committee has presented results of the survey and has made recommendations on November 30, 2007;


Now, therefore be it resolved that the Academic Senate;


1.        Request the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Affairs give   

         an annual presentation on the HawCC budget; and


2.      Request a process be established by the administration and the Academic

        Senate that will involve the Academic Senate in the Budget Review process;


3.      Arrange for workshops that will provide assistance in understanding and

         developing the budget; and


4.      Accept the report of the Ad Hoc Committee with these revised

         recommendations;  and


            5.    Disband the Ad Hoc Budget Committee.