READ Collection Treasure Hunt

The following questions have been developed to help you learn about the READ Collection and the library's Public Access Catalog (PAC), known as Hawai`i Voyager. If these questions are part of an HawCC reading class assignment, please print out the questions, answer them, and hand them into your teacher. You will need to scan the whole READ Collection Web site to answer all of the questions. In addition, you will also need to utilize the link to Hawai`i Voyager to find a few answers. The search for answers might take awhile, but you should also find it an interesting and informative set of activities. Have a pleasant time. (treasure hunt last updated: 1-17-01)

  1. What is the Internet address (http://)

  2. of the READ Collection home page? _________________________ 

  3. What are the major categories for the READ Collection. There are only 7 categories; one has two parts.
  4. ____________________________







  5. Identify each category by definition:

  7. How have the books in each category been arranged? _______________________

  9. Who is the author of a mythology book

  10. with the title, Why Snails Have Shells? _____________________________


  11. What is the date of publication for the collection of short stories
    Good Scent from a Strange Mountain? ________

  13. What is the complete title of a novel (fiction) that starts with the word Blue? What is the book about?
  14. ____________________________________________________________________



  15. What island does the author of the novel,

  16. Talking to the Dead, write about?_________________ 

  17. Where is the woman from who tells her story

  18. in the novel, In Search of Bernabe? ________________


  19. A Hawaiian mythology book's title includes an item that is used with canoes. What is the title?
  20. ______________________________________________________________


  21. When was the thriller (fiction),

  22. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, first published? ________________


  23. Who invaded the Philippines

  24. in the novel, When the Rainbow Goddess Wept? ________________


  25. What animal is The Yearling (fiction) about? ____________________
  26. You must utilize Hawai`i Voyager to find the answers to the rest of these questions. You can access Hawai`i Voyager from the computers on the main floor of the Mookini Library or via the Web from the link below or at the bottom of any of the READ Collection lists.
  27. How would you search Hawai`i Voyager if you have some words from a book's title?
  28. _______________________________________________________________________

    In order to answer the following questions, go the library's home page using the link READ Collection Access to Hawai`i Voyager . Select Hawai`i Voyager. Be sure to SET LIMITS to search only the location, UH Hilo Read Collection.

  29. Do a guided key word search for the novel,

  30. Under the Blood Red Sun. What is the location of the book?___________________


  31. What is the Library of Congress call number
    for the biography, Fifth Chinese Daughter? ________________


  32. Does Kona (the UH Center at West Hawaii)

  33. have a copy of the 1988 edition of the nonfiction book, Tsunami!, by Walter Dudley?________________


  34. If the READ Collection copy of the novel, My Antonia,

  35. is checked out, which other floor of our library (UHH) might have the 1997 edition?
    (Note: do NOT include the information for the PAPERBACK entry) ____________________________


  36. Where else in Mookini (UHH) Library  besides the READ Collection

  37. can you find the 1988 edition of the fiction book, All I Asking For Is My Body?
    (Note: do NOT nclude the information for the PAPERBACK entry) ____________________________


  38. How many copies does our library (UHH) have of the 1948 edition of the fiction book, Cry the Beloved Country?

    (Note: do NOT include the information for the PAPERBACK entry) ____________________________