READ Collection Statement of Philosophy

The primary purpose of the READ Collection is to have a separate location of selected books in Mookini Library that can be easily found by students in HawCC reading classes. HawCC faculty and UHH students and faculty may also use the READ Collection. An introduction to the collection is given by Lari-Anne Au, HawCC instruction and outreach librarian, as a course- integrated library orientation for HawCC beginning and intermediate reading classes. The library orientation includes a brief tour of the library's main floor where READ Collection books are shelved by Library of Congress call numbers and are identified by the blue reader symbol shown above.

After a library tour, each class is then given a library instruction session about Hawai`i Voyager, the University of Hawai`i library system's public access catalog (PAC). The library instruction session takes place in the library's electronic classroom used for an online demonstration by the librarian, after which interactive searching is done by the students on individual PCs. Students use worksheets as READ Collection titles are searched for availability, location(s) and multiple copies, if any.

Many of the titles in the READ Collection are fiction by classic writers such as, Mark Twain, Jack London, Rudyard Kipling, Willa Cather, and John Steinbeck, as well as contemporary works by Barbara Kingsolver, Stephen King, Victor Villasenor, Toni Morrison, and Amy Tan. Some young adult literature was chosen for inclusion because universal themes in this genre appeal to some of our younger students. Nonfiction titles have been included in addition to biographies. myths. poetry and short stories. Hawaii students, because of our population's diversity, are especially interested in titles with cultural themes. Titles about Hawaii, because of their popularity, are indicated by a palm tree logo on the READ Collection lists provided at this web site.

The initial development of the READ Collection was a collaborative effort since Ellen Okuma works closely with HawCC faculty and UHH librarians to encourage more reading by HawCC students. Jim Mimaki, retired reading professor, had a list of recommended titles he used for beginning reading classes. But the library's conversion to UHCARL PAC in 1992 coupled with a demand by mutiple reading sections for the limited number of books caused access problems for beginning reading students. They had a difficult time doing an online search for titles and then trying to use the Library of Congress classification system to find books on the shelf. Having the separate READ Collection and using it for the focus of library instruction with reading classes appears to have solved some of the previous problems. Students have even been seen returning to the collection to get more books to read beyond their class requirement.

Mahalo to the following for helping develop the READ Collection:

Student response to the READ Collection has been overwhelmingly positive. Anecdotal reports have included:  (last updated 9-23-11) .

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