Books for English as Second Language (ESL) Readers

As part of the READ Collection, Mookini Library now has a collection of over 185 book titles written specifically for English as Second Language (ESL) adult readers. Most of the titles are Penguin Readers and have a specific vocabulary that is "graded" by reading level. ESL teachers are encouraged to visit the Penguin Readers web site to learn the variety of ways they may be used in integrated library and classroom assignments.

Graded readers

Penguin Readers are written with the ESL student in mind by providing enjoyable reading materials to adult learners using simple to advanced English vocabulary. There are 7 vocabulary levels. The Easy Starts level uses 200 common words and the 6th or most advanced level uses vocabulary with 3,000 words. Mookini Library's READ Collection includes Penguin Readers from Levels 1 to 6. A few books also have an audiocassette tape that allows the reader to listen to the book being read. On the back of each Penguin Reader is information about the book--language used (American or British English), whether it is contemporary, classic or original literature, etc. Graded readers give adult ESL students successful first reading encounters at the same time they allow for advancement to higher levels of reading vocabulary.

Finding Penguin Readers in Mookini Library

Penguin Readers are part of the READ Collection which is located near the Reference Desk. Penguin Readers are shelved at the end of the regular READ Collection books and have a call number starting with ESL. All titles in a vocabulary level are grouped together.

To see which Penguin Reader titles are available in Mookini Library:

Beyond Penguin Readers: Using the READ Collection to Find More Books for your Reading Pleasure

Once a reader has progressed through several levels of Penguin Readers, browsing the larger part of the READ Collection can provide many more opportunities to find contemporary and classical literature from Hawaii and around the world. Browse through the READ Collection titles on the Internet by using the following links, choose titles, and then go to Mookini Library to search the Voyager Catalog (UH Hilo Collections) by title to find the location, call number and availability of each book

For information on the READ Collection and the Penguin Readers, contact Ellen Okuma.

For assistance using the READ Collection and the Penguin Readers as part of a library assignment, please contact Thora Abarca, UHH Instruction Librarian (808-974-7343).

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