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How To Apply for Admission to the Associate in Science Degree (NURS) Program and/or the Practical Nursing (PRCN) Program for Fall 2018


Students are admitted to the nursing programs once a year and start their program in the fall semester. The application procedure is as follows:

New information/requirements for the Fall 2019 Application cycle coming soon!!

  1. Complete a separate Intent to Apply to a Nursing Program form for each program by January 15 (or the next business day, if January 15 falls on the weekend or a holiday). The form can be found online for the Associate Degree (RN) program or the Practical Nursing program. Forms that are submitted after the January 15 deadline will be considered late. Late applications are considered for admission after all other applications only if there is space in the program. Applicants will receive written acknowledgement that their Intent to Apply form has been received. The Intent to Apply to a Nursing Program Forms for the A.S. in Nursing and C.A. in Practical Nursing will be accepted from November 1 to January 15.
  2. Arrange to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) examination. Preregistration for the TEAS is required. Information regarding registration, cost and testing dates and times for the TEAS is available on the nursing website at TEAS Exam Information. Applicants for both the A.S. in Nursing, and the C.A. in Practical Nursing must submit a printed copy of one set of TEAS test scores to the Nursing & Allied Health Division by January 15. Applicants must wait a minimum of 30 days before retaking the TEAS. Applicants are also limited to taking the TEAS no more than 3 times per calendar year. Students who have taken the TEAS examination multiple times must select the one set of test scores they would like to include as part of their application. For more information call the Nursing & Allied Health Division office at (808) 934-2650.
  3. Students not currently enrolled at Hawai'i CC or another University of Hawai'i (UH) system campus must fill out a UH Common Application Form indicating their desire to enroll in the College the next Fall semester.  Students who have not been admitted to Hawai'i CC will not be considered for acceptance into the nursing programs. Students must apply online at by January 15.
  4. All courses intended to be used to meet proficiency requirements and prerequisite courses must be approved by the College.  All courses for the degree must be taken for a letter grade. Grades below a “C” will not be considered. Hawai'i CC and other University of Hawai'i system students should refer to their STAR Academic Pathway via their MyUH account to determine whether they have met the proficiency and/or prerequisite requirements. Refer to the Associate of Science in Nursing or Practical Nursing general information and requirements for more information. Hawai'i CC and other UH system students must submit their STAR transcripts with the pre-requisite courses highlighted to the Nursing & Allied Health Division by January 15.
  5. Transfer students are those who were previously enrolled at a college or university other than Hawai'i CC (including UH Hilo). Non-Hawai'i CC students currently attending another UH system institution do not need to submit an official transcript from that UH system school.  However, the student must submit to the Hawai'i CC Admission and Records Office (ARO) the "Authorization Form to Access UH System Credits per Campus" form found at  Arrange to submit this form prior to the January 15 deadline.  For assistance, contact a Nursing counselor in: East Hawai'i at (808) 934-2658, or West Hawai'i at (808) 969-8816
  6. Non-Hawai'i CC students who have ever attended a college/university outside of the UH system (even those currently at a UH system school), must arrange to have an official transcript, printed in English, be sent to the Admissions and Records Office directly from all non-UH system institutions by January 15.  For all institutions outside of the UH System, students must keep in their possession a course catalog or course description for all courses.  Do not send the catalog and/or course descriptions to the ARO. The materials submitted become the property of Hawai'i CC. Additionally, applicants should send their student copy of their non-UH system institutional transcripts with the prerequisite courses highlighted to the Nursing & Allied Health Division by January 15.
  7. Students needing assistance with transferring courses from non-Hawai'i CC institutions and with completing course waiver/substitutions should contact a Nursing counselor in: East Hawai'i at (808) 934-2658, or West Hawai'i at (808) 969-8816.  The course transfer process must be completed by the January 15 deadline.
  8. Students applying for the A.S. Nursing program who have worked full-time as an LPN for at least one year in an acute or long-term setting within the past five years are eligible to receive extra points on their applications. The applicant must submit a copy of their LPN license and list their employers within the last five years on the Intent To Apply to a Nursing Program Form. The Nursing and Allied Health Division will verify whether the applicant is an LPN in good standing by reviewing the State of Hawai‘i Board of Nursing site online.