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Institutional Effectiveness


The process of constructing a pā pōhaku (rock wall) is one that requires patience and collaboration. Various hands carry and place various rocks in a way that creates a solid foundation upon which the pā pōhaku can rise. Every single stone, from the smallest ʻiliʻili (pebble) to the larger pōhaku kihi (cornerstone), are integral to the creation and stability of a pā pōhaku.

The Institutional Effectiveness Plan is a pā pōhaku of Hawaiʻi Community College whose stones are the people, plans, programs and units that comprise our Kauhale. A stable and effective pā pōhaku relies on constant evaluation and improvement when needed. Everyoneʻs contribution – people and pōhaku – are integral to the construction and maintenance of a pā pōhaku; as such, everyoneʻs contribution to and implementation of the Institutional Effectiveness Plan is equally important.

Mahalo to Akeamakamae Kiyuna, No‘el K Tagab-Cruz & the Ho‘olulu Council for this inspiration.

stones passing from hand to hand

Hawaii Community College is committed to systematically review and assess the progress being made toward achieving our Institutional mission. Our Institutional Effectiveness plan guides the process and timetable to ensure compliance and reporting for transparency, planning and kauhale collaboration.

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