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Computer Lab and Study Area

Picture of Computer Lab and Study TablesThe main area in the Hale Kea Advancement and Testing Center consists of a computer lab area and a study area. Equipment available for use in Hale Kea includes: Dell PC computers, black & white and color laser printers (for a fee), headphones, calculators, paper cutter, tape, three-hole punch, scissors, and stapler.

A word about checking in and out...

Students using the facilities at Hale Kea must check in using Starfish. Students check in on the computer kiosks at the front entrance. There is no need to check out. Checking in helps to ensure continued services and also helps us plan for future services. We really appreciate your cooperation!

Computer Lab

Picture of Computer AreaFood and beverages are permitted in the study area, but no food or beverages (including water bottles) are allowed near computers.

There are 24 PC computer workstations. All computers are internet–accessible and have common software installed including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. All computers have CD and DVD drives. There are also two USB ports available on the front of each computer.

There are four printing computer stations in the lab. Three black/white laser printers and one color printer. The printing policy has changed, printing at Hale Kea costs 10-cents per page, paper is provided. Students needing printing services will need to activate a PAPERCUTNG account at the HAWCC business office located in building 397 at the Manono Campus. Please come by if you have any questions regarding the printing policy.

Picture of Study AreaStudy Area

The study area is an open area with several large tables and good lighting.

You can spread out your books and papers, study quietly with others, or just sit and review class notes.

A low level of conversation is acceptable and students often meet with their instructors here.

Food and beverages are permitted in the study area, but you may not have food and beverages near computers.