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CRC procedure DRAFT [PDF]

NEW KSCM (Kuali Student Curriculum Management)

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Guidelines For Evaluating Course Proposals


KSCM How-To-Guides:Proposals & Reports:

Curriculum Timeline for 2019-2020:

Regular Curriculum:Date
Begin to input proposal(s) into KSCMJanuary
DC approvalMay 1st
Review by Deans and DC'sJune
Review by Deans, Banner Support, STAR coordinatorJuly-Aug
CRC review and approvalAug - Dec
Final Senate approvalDec
Chancellor approvalDec 31st


Fast Track: (system alignment and rec prep only)Date
DC approvalDec 1st
VCAA approvalDec 31st


DC approval eff. Fall 2018 semester
Feb 1st 2018
Chancellor approvalOct 1st
DC approval eff. Spring 2019 semester
Sept 1st 2018
Chancellor approvalMarch 1st


Fall 2018 Proposals:

Fall 2017 Proposals:

Fall 2016 Proposals:

Fall 2016 Memos:

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Proposals:

Curriculum Review Committee Members Academic Year 2017-2019

Current MembersDepartmentTerm EndsOffice LocationE-mailPhone #
Janet SmithEarly Childhood Educ (Committee Chair)May 2019MC 3393-116janetasm@hawaii.edu934-2539
Jack MinassianSocial Science/ Public ServiceMay 2018MC 383-125jackm@hawaii.edu934-2617
Mitchell SoaresATEMay 2018UHH Building 323 Room 114soaresmk@hawaii.edu934-2678
Reshela DuPuisGSSSMay 2018MC 388-108reshelad@hawaii.edu934-2649
Bernhard LaurichMath/ Natural ScienceMay 2018PB 1-9laurich@hawaii.edu934-2620
Robyn KalauliEnglishMay 2019PB1-5robyng@hawaii.edu934-2537
Tracy KanaheleHumanitiesMay 2019MC 389B-107tracyk@hawaii.edu934-2605
Laura HillNursing & Allied HealthMay 2019MC 383-214hill24@hawaii.edu934-2653