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The Hawaiʻi Community College Construction Academy has four courses. All Construction Academy schools offer the Building & Construction 1 and 2 courses; the offering of Drafting Technology courses varies by school.

  • Building & Construction 1
    • DOE Course Description:  This course features classroom and laboratory experiences that deal with building and construction technology. Learning activities include site selection, use of various leveling instruments, blueprint reading, use of building materials, foundation and floor framing, wall and ceiling framing, roof framing, and window, door, and interior wall finish. Recommended Prerequisite: Completion of TIC5010 IET Career Pathway Core.
  • Building & Construction 2
    • DOE Course Description:  Building and Construction Technology 2 features advanced study of building construction technology. Students are provided with experiences in layout, fabrication, assembly, and installation of structural units. Also included are estimating and calculating costs, and quality control processes through simulated class and on-the-job experiences. Recommended Prerequisite: Completion of TIC5010 IET Career Pathway Core and TIU5800 Building and Construction Technology 1.
  • Design Technology 1
    • DOE Course Description: This course provides classroom learning experiences that are found in drafting technology. Learning activities include: design, spatial visualization and techniques, sketching and use of digital tools, shape and size description, auxiliaries, rotation, pictorial drawings, computer aided design, and the creation of two dimensional and three dimensional models for problem solution . Recommended Prerequisite: Completion of TIC5010 IET Career Pathway Core.
  • Design Technology 2
    • DOE Course Description: This course organizes learning experiences, which emphasizes theory, use of computer aided design, and laboratory work as related to designing, and translating data or specifications. Planning, preparing, and interpreting mechanical, architectural, structural, electronics, topographical, and designs and schematics are included. Instruction is designed to provide experiences with computer aided design and other industry standard tools to create solutions to real-world problems. Recommended prerequisite: Completion of TIC5010 IET Career Pathway Core and TIU5310 Design Technology 1.


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Course outlines:
Building & Construction 1
Building & Construction 2
Drafting Technology 1

2012-13 Timeline: Building & Construction 1
2012-13 Timeline: Building & Construction 2

Career Plan
Design Technology Drawing
Individual Work Readiness
4 x 4 Playhouse
12 x 12 Playhouse

Forms and Releases:
Letter to Parents
CTE Permission and Safety Pledge
DOE Safety Compact
Hawaiʻi CC Assumption of Risk and Release
Hawaʻi CC Media Release
DOE Student Travel Form (Field Trip)
Hawaiʻi Risk Waiver (Field Trip)