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2007-2008 Accreditation Annual Report

Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges

Hawai`i Community College

DUE BY May 16, 2008

Preparedby/Title  Dr. TrinaNahm-Mijo/ALO_      Telephone_(808) 974-7551_


Please respond to all of the questions.  Enlist the assistance of appropriate officers in your institution to ensure the accuracy of information submitted. 


As you respond to the following questions, please consider “new” to mean only those changes which have occurred since the college’s last annual report unless otherwise indicated. Include any updates or approved substantive changes since the last annual report.


1.      Indicate any change in the official name, address or control of the institution.




2.      a)          What is the institution’s overall course completion rate for the Fall 2007 semester?  ___76___%


b)          Has the institution’s course completion rate decreased by 5% or more this past year?  Yes___ No_X     If so, by what percentage decrease?  _______%



3.      Does your institution collect data on state licensing examination results for technical/vocational programs?


     Yes__X_     No_______    


a.  If yes, list the licensure exam pass rate for each technical/vocational program for 2006-07 academic year  (Rate =  #  passing ÷ # attempting).


     Name of program ___Nursing_-AS______    Licensure exam pass rate ___100%________


     Name of program ___Nursing - PN____        Licensure exam pass rate ____93%______


          Name of program ____________________          Licensure exam pass rate ________________


     b)  Has the institution’s licensure exam pass rates declined by 10% or more this past year?  Yes___ No__X_     If so, by what percentage?  _______%



4.  Does your institution collect information on job placement rates for its technical/vocational



     Yes ____X___ No    ________


a) If yes, list the job placement rate for each technical/vocational program for 2006-07 academic year.  See Attached Job Placement Chart.


b) Has the institution’s job placement rates declined by 10% or more this past year? 


Yes___ No__X_      If so, by what percentage decrease?  ______%


5.  List all sites or campuses at which students can complete at least 50 % of the credits for a    degree or certificate program, and list the programs for which 51% or more of the credits may be earned at each site or campus.  Also, report when these sites or campuses began   operating, and identify those that are new.

  At the W.HI. Educational Center, started in 1982,  51% or more of the credits for the     following Programs can be earned:  A.A. in Liberal Arts; Certificate of Completion in

Substance Abuse Counseling;  Certificate of Completion in Human Services;  A.A.S. in     Hawaiian       Lifestyles (HLS); C.C., C.A. and      A.A.S. in Food Service; C.C., C.A. and      A.A.S. in   Hospitality and Toursim (HOST);  C.C.,  C.A. and A.S. in Early Childhood Ed.; Certificate     of Completion in Practical Nursing;  A.S. in Nursing.


4.      List new courses and programs offered at sites or campuses outside the geographic region (but within the U.S.) served by the college since the last annual report.



5.      List and describe any programs that were added to the college curriculum, regardless of location, in the 2006-2007 academic year, that represent a significant departure, (See Substantive Change Policy, enclosed) in either content or method of delivery, from those that were offered at the time of the last accreditation team visit.  Please indicate whether each program is for a degree or for a certificate.



6.      Describe new programs for which 50% or more of the credits are offered through a mode of distance or electronic delivery.  Do not include study abroad programs.

       Certificate of Completion in Substance Abuse Counseling delivering to Kauai

       (Substantive Change Proposal to be Considered by ACCJC Committee on 6/20/08).


a)   What is the total headcount enrollment for Fall 2007 in all types of distance learning offered? ___1271___


b)   Complete the table enclosed for courses offered in a distance delivery mode for the first time in the 2007-2008 academic year.  See Attached DE Table.


9.      Complete the attached Student Learning Outcome table and provide lists requested for an annual report update on the college’s progress with course, certificate, degree, and general education expected student learning outcomes identification, assessment, analysis and use of assessment results for institutional evaluation, planning and improvement.

      See Attached Annual SLO Report 07-08 (separate email).


10.  List and describe any programs for non-US nationals the institution conducts or plans to     conduct outside     the U.S.  Do not include study abroad programs for the institution’s native students.



11.  List and describe any articulation agreements or Memoranda of Understanding with non-US institutions.

      Yeungjin College, Daegu, So. Korea – study abroad, faculty, staff & stud. exchange;

       Admission and transfer; internship program;

      Osaka College of Foreign Language (OCFL) & Japan College of Foreign Language (JCFL)

       - transfer articulation agreement with UHCCs


12.  Has the institution entered into new contracts with non-regionally accredited organizations which provide courses or programs on behalf of the institution?   Yes___        No_X__                If yes, please describe:


a)   which courses or instructional programs are provided



b)   which support services are provided



c)    the level of control the institution exercises over the contract